Stylistically monochrome and reduced in its use of language, the approximately 9-minute short film Allerseelen, co-written with Simona Ascher, is a retelling of a nightmare actually experienced. For this reason, its narrative style largely dispenses with a strictly coherent and clear narrative and instead focuses on purely associative connections and dream logic. The music, which is often dominant in the sound, moves further away from usual formal structures and tonal regularities and is thus intended to merge with the general sound design – and ultimately also the diegetic sound. Recurring static noise in the sound and backgrounds often embedded in blackness in the image testify to the protagonist’s forlornness.

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Experimental short film
(2021, 9 min)

director, writer & composer
Michael J. Keplinger
story writers
Michael J. Keplinger & Simona Ascher
Alexandra Bogner, Niklas Strahammer & Michael J. Keplinger
Magdalena Mayer & Florentina Leitner