An overview landing page for the release of Counting Bounty in the County by Pammazzon, released via DIEgital Records in 2021.

In his own words: “PAMMAZZON is an opponent of the present and has great faith in the future of the past. in the construction of his sound recordings, he dispenses with the audio advantages of our time and takes a very undigital approach. his song sketches, recorded in his home music room on an 8-track device, are occasionally overdriven, have background noises, contain rhythmic inadequacies, sometimes include vocal derailers, unintentional noise and many other acoustic shortcomings. on the other hand, you can’t deny the authenticity of the resulting material – these are not smooth and embellished pop tunes down to the last millimetre, this is PAMMAZZON analogue and unrestrained.”

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Landing page for Counting Bounty in the County by Pammazzon

concept & realisation
Michael J. Keplinger