Passing Through (coming 10-5-24)

Passing Through is a 16mm music video for the song of the same name. Analog aesthetics in both film and music create a timeless ambiance, with the latter crafting a mature narrative exploring love’s value amid human imperfections. The song, written, performed & produced by Michael J. Keplinger, was mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios and is set to be released digitally on 10 May 2024 through DIEgital Records and distributed by Sony Music Austria.

The approximately four-minute love song starts and ends with an endless loop of several piano layers, suggesting infinite repetition. The absence of electronic elements in the arrangement and production avoids tying the piece to a particular musical era. Although superficially an ordinary love song, the song carries a darkness in its lyrics and harmonies that is intended to give the song a maturity and depth by conveying both the limitless value of love and the darker aspects of human imperfections.

The song and music video were pre-premiered at the Golden Wire award ceremony on 28 November 2023 where the song was awarded 1st place in the Sound & Music category. The song can also be heard in Kilian Mayer’s short film For A While, which was pre-premiered along with Passing Through and came in second in the Film & TV production category.

Passing Through will be released on 10 May 2024.

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Bottom: © Eva Kiefer

Music video for the song of the same name by MJK, shot on analogue 16mm film

producer, director, composer & editor
Michael J. Keplinger
producer & director of photography
Niklas Strahammer
set manager
Lena Kroemer
set designer
Alexandra Bogner
Sophie Schaller