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»I don’t know how you did it… but I currently get requests almost every day. It’s never been like this before. normally one request every two weeks at the most. Your website works wonders! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🫶« — Alina Sprenger, a few weeks after the site’s launch (translated via

Alina Sprenger is a Viennese photographer and videographer. As part of a new uniform corporate identity (along with a new corporate design by SIENNA – creative studio and texts by Livia Katharina Filip), the relaunch of her website was also planned and commissioned in the form of a fundamental redesign. A new page structure, aesthetics as well as more extensive and targeted functionality were realized.

»With his technical expertise and creativity, Michael turned my ideas into reality and programmed a website that perfectly presents my photography and videography. From the very beginning, he understood my requirements exactly. The result was an individual website that not only presents my pictures and videos really nicely, but also has a user-friendly navigation and an appealing design. Working with Michael was extremely pleasant and professional. He also suggested innovative solutions to optimise the functionality and look of my website. I am really thrilled with the quality of my website. Thanks to Michael’s excellent work, I can now present my work in a professional manner and attract new customers. So I can only highly recommend Michael.« — Alina Sprenger (translated via

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