MJK media: What I do?

I do a whole lot of everything. .

Film & Audio

A picture is worth a thousand words – and 25 per second even more. As a filmmaker, I always put the storytelling side of things first, receiving several awards, i.e. in Vienna and Venice. As a music producer, I work with indie artists as well as in the label environment.

Web & Design

Design is not simply pretty. That’s why – in joint work and consultation with the client – longevous and identity-establishing solutions to a wide range of design and communication issues are developed. Always with an eye on the bigger picture.

Experimental & Teaching

All things in between or far beyond: Whether it’s browser games, studio software, typography with nail, thread & plank or music with shoebox, pen & rubber band – if it’s daring, I’m interested. I also share my enthusiasm for all things media as a UAS lecturer.

Filmmaker, musician & designer

Michael J. Keplinger

I am an Austrian filmmaker, musician & designer with a keen interest in the interweaving of different creative threads. Holding degrees in Media Technology as well as Graphic & Communication Design, I am a UAS lecturer and sole proprietor of MJK media.

I believe in the pluralism of culture, art and media and that the creative process becomes particularly intriguing when different and complex currents of thought converge.


Photography © Livia Ringl

Let’s work together

If you’d like to talk about a project, an idea, ask a question, or just want to say hallo – let’s talk:

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