Ensemble (Musik in Stadt und Land)

In the early 18th century, violinist Giuseppe Tartini came across a phenomenon unknown at the time: if he played two notes on his instrument at the same time, he heard – buried in between – the frequency of a third note.

Today we know that the human mind compulsorily forms a third from two sounding tones: it adds their difference to the two: so-called combination tones. What at first seems like mathematical nonsense or at best a colloquial truism is in fact a phenomenological fact: One and one is more than two.

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Documentary short film about music in town & country. In the interview, instrument maker Markus Bauernfeind talks about experiences in a temporal and geographical comparison (Austria, 9 min).

director, editor, sound mixer & producer
Michael J. Keplinger
director of photography
Niklas Strahammer
Markus Bauernfeind
Michael J. Keplinger & Oliver Loy