For A While

In a final meeting, Laura chooses to say goodbye to her departed loved one.

For A While is a short film by Kilian Mayer. According to him, the film deals with the slow death of a part of oneself: »You dream about each other, the new reality sets in only slowly. One blames oneself for the problems of the other. Like a ghost, it haunts one’s head day and night. The treatment of the subject matter is inspired by Virginia Woolf’s short story A Haunted House. She too treats the house in which her story is set as a time capsule. So many moments were created here, they live on here until they slowly fade away. If anyone asks when the film is set: I don’t remember, some time ago.«

The film features the MJK single Passing Through, for which a music video was also shot on location, directed by Michael J. Keplinger. The song, written & produced by Michael J. Keplinger (MJK) is set to be released through DIEgital Records and distributed by Sony Music Entertainment. In For A WhilePassing Through is accompanied by choreography by Simona Ascher.

The film was pre-premiered at the Golden Wire award ceremony on 28 November 2023 where it came in second in the Film & TV production category. The song Passing Through was awarded 1st place in the Sound & Music category at the ceremony.

For A While premiered in Eisenstadt, Austria on 28 April 2024.

Attend the premiere in Eisenstadt, Austria
E_Cube, 28 April 2024, 8 PM (CEST) – The premiere has already started.

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Premiere poster © Simona Ascher
Film stills © Kilian Mayer
Crew photo © Lena Kroemer
Video © ORF (video not showing? Click here!).

Screenwriting, music and sound engineering for a short film by Kilian Mayer (10 min)

writer & director
Kilian Mayer
composer, location sound mixer & writer
Michael J. Keplinger
director of photography
Patricia Melicha
Lena Kroemer

★★★★★ (5/5)

Michael is not only one of the most gifted people with the most diverse talents I have ever met (…), but also one of the warmest and most attentive people to work with. (…) → view on Google

Patricia Melicha (translated)