Pick Up Your Cross (and follow me)

Pick Up Your Cross (and follow me) is a frame by frame animated music video for the song of the same name by Michael J. Keplinger. It shows the morning routine of a young woman – portrayed by Simona Ascher – in a continuous shot.

In 2021, the music video was honoured with the »Levi« Award for the Best Music Video at the Venetian Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival. The official statement of the four-member jury rated the video as »stylistically optimal«. Furthermore, it praised how it enhanced the atmosphere of the song. The following year, it was awarded a gold medal and a special award for remarkable idea at the VÖFA regional championship and a bronze medal at the VÖFA state championship.

Watch now Press kit

Frame by frame animated music video (3 min)

director, animator & composer
Michael J. Keplinger
Simona Ascher
special thanks to
Jeanny, Charlie, Django & Niklas Strahammer

Well done video that enhances the atmospheres of the song. The minimalist animation, from a stylistic point of view, is optimal. → see statement

Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival jury