Iris (coming soon)

In a remote forest, deaf-mute Iris locks herself in her van after receiving ominous photographs that reveal she’s not alone.

In the short film “Iris,” a young couple embarks on a night in a remote forest in their van. When the young man briefly departs, their conversation in sign language reveals Iris to be deaf and mute. Once alone, Iris’ evening takes a sinister turn when she receives a series of ominous messages on her phone. These messages contain secretly taken photos of her in various locations, culminating in an image of the van at its current remote spot. It becomes clear that Iris is not alone. Fearing for her safety, she locks herself inside the van, draws the curtains shut, and turns off the lights, plunging herself into darkness and complete isolation.

Iris was largely realised by the team behind Allerseelen, again being co-produced by Alexandra Bogner, featuring cinematography by Niklas Strahammer and a story co-written with Simona Ascher and being written, directed as well as featuring a score by Michael J. Keplinger.

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Short film (9 min)

director, writer & composer
Michael J. Keplinger
producer & production manager
Alexandra Bogner
story writer
Simona Ascher
director of photography
Niklas Strahammer
Sophie Schaller
Flora Pauer & Wieland Lackinger