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Design is not simply pretty. That’s why – in joint work and consultation with the client – longevous and identity-establishing solutions to a wide range of design and communication issues are developed. Always with an eye on the bigger picture.

Form ? Function

A common conception is form follows function. The truth is, there is no isolated form as such, and neither is there just function. It’s all design. And it’s well designed if it manages to optimize for both without compromise. You need both, and you need both done well.


Lots of webinars and online courses promise quick and easy solutions. But the trick to save time and money is not to get it done the cheapest possible way. The trick is to get it done in a way, that you won’t have to redo it ever again. Want it done the right way, right away?

Graphic & Web Designer

Michael J. Keplinger

I am an Austrian graphic & web designer with a fully holistic approach. Holding degrees in Media Technology as well as Graphic & Communication Design, I am a UAS lecturer and sole proprietor of MJK media.

I believe design is not simply pretty, but that form & function are intrinsically linked as one. And I believe you are here because you are looking for someone who understands just that.


Photography © Ines Mayer

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